Check-in: expected from 15:00 alle ore 23:00. You should advise us 48 hours before your arrival if possible, in order to make you receive the best welcome.

Check-out expected by 10:30.

Availability request

You can check for a willingness in "Donna Ada"

  • sending us an e-mail to:
  • contacting us via the form book
  • calling 393 1703251

After your request a new email will be sent to uou after 24 hours or less for availability and costs. We reply even if no rooms are available!

Conferm a room

The room is confirmed after a down payment (30% of the whole overnight cost for 2 or more nights, 50% for one night). Payment can be realized through:

  • bank transfer
  • postal order

Payment must be realized by 24 hours after booking, and it must be confirmed by sending an email to: If you don't (except for written communications) your booking will be considered as renounced. For this, the room will be free from any kind of repayment delegations from Donna Ada Bed and Breakfast.

As soon as the payment is confirmed we will send you an email with al the information you need about your staying.

Payment methods
You can finish your payment when you arrive (check-in) only with cash. Unfortunately "Donna ada" B&B can not accept credit cards, bancomat, bank check.

How to cancel a booking

The reduction and Cancellation of an already made booking must be conunicated to: You can delete your booking, without charge, by 10 days before your arrival in B&B. If this happens, we will give you back your down payment (conmission makes an exception). If you don't communicate us the reduction within 10 days, the down payment wion't be given back. If you decide to reduce your stay while you are in the B&B you must pay the whole booking rate.


On the arrival you must provide us with an identity document for each guest, in order to complete registration in our b&b. If  there are minors, they must go with one or both their parents (or they must present a written permission made by their parents).

Room delivering: room/suite will be available from 15:00 to 23:00 (arrival time must be communcated immediately after your booking). Check-out is supposet to be by 10:30, after you return the keys to the host.. The keys will be given to you after your arrival. For this, you can enter or exit from our B&B every time you want. Please don't be noisy whie you're in "Donna Ada"


In our B&B you must not smoke or introduce animals. Furthermore, introducing people who don't stay in our B&B is forbidden.